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Building a Masterpiece…

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

From it’s inception I knew this piece would be a challenge.  Nineteen square feet of glass in one large 9.5″ by 2″ panel.  The client wanted scenes from the San Luis Valley where he grew up.  This included the Sand Dunes, the Rio Grande,  cranes (a favorite motif of mine revisited in this original design), aspen trees, columbine and Mt Blanca.  Also included in this panel are scenes from Adams State College, Richardson Hall and an original statue on campus.

First, I designed the cartoon…

Then Cut, Foiled and Soldered the Piece together…

Then the finished piece is taken to Hogue’s Glass to be sandwiched between two pieces of tempered glass and framed in a brushed stainless steel frame.  The frame was fabricated by Chris Hayden of Arcman Welding.

finished piece

See Article in the Valley Courier:

Here is a link to a video of David Clemmer’s piece which we shipped to Indiana last winter.  This piece is now living in his home:


Corner Hangers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

"Sunflower" corner

"Colorado" Corner

"Dragon Fly" corner

"Web" corner

Some examples of my popular corner hangers.

They can be hung in the corner of a window

or a door frame.  I have done many designs…

Egyptian Eye of Horus

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

"Eye of Horus"

I can do almost anything as a design for a piece.  This one was a small project for Son…

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Monday, February 14th, 2011

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Sand Dunes Installation & Unveiling

Monday, November 9th, 2009

whole piece001

On September 26th, 2009, the installation and unveiling took place at the visitor’s center with a crowd-filled lobby. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar pulled the coverings from the panels and spoke a few words in honor of “Public Lands Day”. Park superintendent Art Hutchison spoke as well and introduced me to talk about the project and my relationship to the Sand Dunes.

I was also honored by the park staff and the “Friends of the Dunes” with a reception for my friends and family after the unveiling.

The first time I visited the dunes was as a young girl on a Scouting trip. Little could I know that someday I would be honored to have such a piece of my work displayed in this park. Since coming to the valley in 1969 as a college student, and later marrying and raising my family here, I have been to the dunes numerous times to camp and hike.

Thus things have come full circle.

whole piece



pic 2

dune field

dune field.with mts

Artist-in-Residence at Great Sand Dunes!!!

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Right around Christmas of last year I was approached by Art Hutchison, the Superintendent of GSDNP&P and asked if I would consider doing an installation for the Visitor Center similar to the one I did the previous fall at Great Basin. This project would be a bit smaller; around 28 sq. ft.

Since my installation at Great Basin had been featured on the web-page of the NPS site, I have had a couple of interested inquiries.

After further planning & a few meetings, it was agreed that the “Friends of the Dunes” would purchase the supplies, and I would donate my time and skill in exchange for the title of AIR.

As this park is practically in my own backyard here in the beautiful valley where I have made my home for nearly 40 years, I am once again humbled by the honor of creating work to be a part of our great National Parks.

Alamosa ArtWalk

Sunday, March 29th, 2009


Yesterday the 7th Annual Alamosa Artwalk was held, bringing out many familiar faces as well as new ones from other areas. The day was gloriously sunny, considering the heavy spring snowfall of a couple of days ago.

The streets and shops of Alamosa were filled with artists, entertainers, writers , musicians and speakers. There was something for every age and gender, from face-painting to poetry readings and samplings of local foodstuffs.

I spent a good part of the day visiting the many venues, then the rest at the SLV Brewery, where my work is featured year-long and my two new works had just been added last week for the Artwalk. In fact, I hung “Colorado” early Tues. afternoon & had a committed buyer by that evening. My other piece for the Artwalk, consisting of a pair of corner-hangers entitled “Picses” got a lot of attention, but no takers yet. It was great visiting with fellow artists and past and potential clients.

All in all a wonderful day celebrating the variety of artistic talent in my community.