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A beginning

Friday, September 12th, 2008

In June 2008, I received notification that I had been chosen to be Artist-In-Residence for the coming fall at Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Having served as AIR the year before at Mesa Verde National Park here in Colorado, I was honored & excited to be going a bit farther afield.

A few weeks later, GBNP contacted me again; asking if I would consider designing and installing approximately 33 sq. ft. of permanent stained glass into windows in their new visitor center, instead of donating a smaller piece of portable work as is required by the AIR program. Because of the size of the work, the park would buy my supplies, and my work would be my ‚Äúdonation.” We also agreed that my residency could be extended, if need be.

Since I had never been to the area before, I was sent numerous photos and information so I would be able to chose my palette in glass. Thus began one of the greatest adventures and biggest creations of my career. More in the pages following.