Week 3: Building the panels

My final draft is approved by members of the staff; I immediately make my patterns and begin cutting.

This part will progress rapidly, as I can work at my own speed, for as long each day/night as I wish. I have brought 1½ crates of glass with me, as well as many boxes of scrap, so am confident of having all types and colors I need.

First panel

First and second panels

Second panel

Third panel

The first panel I produce includes Indian Paintbrush, a lizard, an Indian relic and Notch Peak. I have designed a “self-frame” around the entire project; I use it quite frequently as I find it gives a finished look to the work.

The second panel—the smallest—is of the Big Dipper, symbolizing the “Night Sky” program featured in many of the National Parks, honoring dark skies, which are becoming a rarity with today’s light pollution.

Fourth panel

Fourth panel

The third depicts Lexington Arch and a portion of Lehman Cave, and the fourth is the “Thumb”, the cliffs and sky above that part of the summit.

I am pleased that the finished panels fit into the windows of my cabin, where they will remain until installation.

Even with the freedom from my normal daily life, and being able to set my own work pace doing what I truly love doing, I am beginning to see that it will be impossible to finish this project in the time allotted to me.

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