Week 2: Work begins

I begin work on a final drawing to be submitted next week for final approval. I have designed each separate panel to flow into the next, so that all will be part of the whole.

This project is an eight-panel window opening, and a great composition to design within. I am up most mornings before the sun and take time to enjoy the wonders of this area.

Since I live in the shadow of the mountains, the evening falls early, but most days are pleasant enough so that I can work outside for a while and I have frequent visitors wanting to see how the project is progressing.

It has snowed twice, although it melts away by the afternoon.

A highlight this week was being invited to attend the Great Basin Foundation open-house and dinner, where I was introduced to many members, some of whom were instrumental in this area becoming a national park, and have come from out-of-state.

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