I’ll Be Workin’ for the Railroad!

March 21st, 2010

I recently made a proposal to the RGSR  board  for a project at the newly renovated & remodeled building which now houses the Welcome Center & the Depot for the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad.

There are three individual window openings high in the walls of this grand new space which are great for windows depicting scenes of the railroad and our glorious Colorado landscapes.

My proposal was accepted and newly easeled in my studio is the first of the panels; the little old yellow depot which will soon be moved to Monte Vista.

“Spirit of the Sun”

March 21st, 2010

For some time I wanted to do another “Sun”; with the friendly open & smiling face in bright summer colors.  Having done a few of various sizes in the past, I knew these are usually good sellers.  But I wanted to do ‘more’ with the design & thus was born the idea of ‘how’ this giant orb affects the whole of our lives & environment.  How could I represent ‘wind’, for example…

After a few studio  mishaps, this is what finally evolved…

(this is also now available as a print; contact me if interested).

Upon seeing it, several friends, (and the hubs), suggested sending it to the “CBS Sunday Morning” show.  After pursuing this course; I submitted a shot of it to the Art Challenge as required & was shortly notified thereafter that it was juried into the CBS Sun Art Library & will be featured on the program later in the year.

UPDATE:  This was aired Easter Sunday, April 4th and I will receive a tape of the segment shortly!


New Life For Old Windowsills!

March 21st, 2010

I am lucky enough to have access to a number of old windowsills, some of which still have remnants of  glass and plaster.  In this day of recycling I like the idea of creating my work within these vintage frames.  As a trade for a few of these,  I have inserted my glass and the re-purposed frames have gone to live new lives.

this particular piece, entitled “Road Home to Mt. Blanca” was commissioned by the wife of my most favorite college professor, for their son, David.  It now resides in Indiana.

New Project for a New Gallery!

March 21st, 2010

Laura Murphy, friend, professor & extraordinary fiber artist, has been working for several years on opening her gallery.  When she asked me to design a piece for the new space I jumped at the chance.  The name of her gallery brought immediately to  mind lattices & greenery & she said that fit her vision as well, if I could incorporate images of her logo into the whole.  This is the final drawing agreed upon.  She loved the Luna Moth!

I have decided to show the actual process from drawing through cutting, foiling, soldering & framing on this project.

The completed piece was successfully installed just prior to Christmas ’09 and the gallery opening was  great!

In trade for my glass work I will receive a hand crafted piece of wearable art from a true master!


Milagros Coffeehouse Show

November 9th, 2009


For the entire month of November, 2009, I will be showing pieces of various subjects, sizes and prices.

I have always been pleased to work with the homeless shelter here in Alamosa as far as my work goes, and 10% of anything which I sell from this venue will go directly to Milagros, which helps support the homeless shelter.

Work at Denver International Airport!

November 9th, 2009

sand dunes

Although I did this piece back in 2000 when the Great Sand Dunes Nationa’l Monument became a full-fledged National Park, and it has been hanging in the visitors center there since; it was chosen to be included in work displayed at DIA in the show, “Art of the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve” on concourse A.

It will be on display there until late January 2010.

Sand Dunes Installation & Unveiling

November 9th, 2009

whole piece001

On September 26th, 2009, the installation and unveiling took place at the visitor’s center with a crowd-filled lobby. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar pulled the coverings from the panels and spoke a few words in honor of “Public Lands Day”. Park superintendent Art Hutchison spoke as well and introduced me to talk about the project and my relationship to the Sand Dunes.

I was also honored by the park staff and the “Friends of the Dunes” with a reception for my friends and family after the unveiling.

The first time I visited the dunes was as a young girl on a Scouting trip. Little could I know that someday I would be honored to have such a piece of my work displayed in this park. Since coming to the valley in 1969 as a college student, and later marrying and raising my family here, I have been to the dunes numerous times to camp and hike.

Thus things have come full circle.

whole piece



pic 2

dune field

dune field.with mts

Fifth & Final Dunes Panel

November 9th, 2009

In this, the largest and final piece of the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve project, is found the high mountain area of the environment. Here dwells the big-horn sheep, with a bald eagle soaring overhead. Ponderosa pine and greenery in fall colors cover much of the rocky landscape where also bloom Indian paintbrush and the Colorado state flower, the blue and white columbine.

Dunes 5

Fourth Panel for Dunes….

November 9th, 2009

This panels shows additional dunes fieldd, contrasted with the snowy spires of the Crestone Needles towering into the Colorado sky. Fall colors are visible in the distant landscape and more golden aspen frame one side. The Medano rushes by a mother brown bear and her cub, and on the far right is a ponderosa pine with a portion of the bark peeled off for medicinal purposes by Native American people. In the lower left corner is a cut-throat trout, found in the brooks and streams of the area and the lower right corner depicts the vibrant color of the mountain bluebird.

Dunes 4

Third Sand Dunes Panel

June 9th, 2009

In the third panel of this project are found the highest dunes in the dune field, towering against the blue and white of the high valley sky.

Here are often found the “Chinese wall” effects along the tops of the dunes, formed when moisture and wind conditions are right for the phenomenon.

The Medano flows along the outer edge of the dune field, to later seep and disappear into the sands farther west.

A large bull elk grazes in the tall grass .

Among the animals found here are Ord’s kangaroo rat and the short-horned lizard, whose spiny camoflage fades perfectly into the sandy environment.dunes-31