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2010 Alamosa Art Walk

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

I have three pieces entered in the Art Walk this year.  Two of which are in re-purposed frames.  “From Linda’s Window” entitled because of the old carving in the back of the frame.  “Apache Point” and “Spirit of the Sun”.  I anticipate this year’s Art Walk to be as successful as last year.  It brings together all the various talents of the area.

“Spirit of the Sun”

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

For some time I wanted to do another “Sun”; with the friendly open & smiling face in bright summer colors.  Having done a few of various sizes in the past, I knew these are usually good sellers.  But I wanted to do ‘more’ with the design & thus was born the idea of ‘how’ this giant orb affects the whole of our lives & environment.  How could I represent ‘wind’, for example…

After a few studio  mishaps, this is what finally evolved…

(this is also now available as a print; contact me if interested).

Upon seeing it, several friends, (and the hubs), suggested sending it to the “CBS Sunday Morning” show.  After pursuing this course; I submitted a shot of it to the Art Challenge as required & was shortly notified thereafter that it was juried into the CBS Sun Art Library & will be featured on the program later in the year.

UPDATE:  This was aired Easter Sunday, April 4th and I will receive a tape of the segment shortly!